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Beetroot Juice Reduces Blood Pressure

UK research suggests that drinking 500ml of beetroot juice can significantly reduce blood pressure. An interesting new report from Barts, the London School of Medicine and the Peninsula Medical School, found that in healthy volunteers blood pressure was reduced within an hour of drinking 500ml of beetroot juice! For more information, click here

Do You Take Daily Aspirin?

It is very important to understand that if you take aspirin regularly, and unless specifically advised otherwise by your healthcare professional, the daily dose should be 75mg (what used to be called ‘Junior Aspirin’) and NOT 300mg!.

Bayer Quick Release Crystals

There are several versions of an email circulating which state that Bayer Quick Release Crystals (powder) is suitable for use as ‘immediate’ aspirin in case of a suspected heart attack – it is NOT. These emails go on to suggest that the recipient forwards the email to ten of their contacts in order to ’save lives’. Bayer Extra Strength Quick Release Crystals contain much more aspirin than is required for use as ‘immediate’ aspirin and also contains 65mg of caffeine which can increase heart rate. This product has been withdrawn from the market. Find out more on our campaign site

Going Abroad - Carry Your Own ‘Immediate’ Aspirin!

The period immediately following a suspected heart attack is critical and every second counts! A self administered dose of ‘immediate’ aspirin, taken after telephoning for an ambulance, could save your life and reduce subsequent damage to the heart muscle. Because most of us in the United Kingdom live in large conurbations we take it for granted that the time between onset of symptoms and contact with a first responder, usually an ambulance, will be short, not so in other parts of the world! Click on the link to see what the response times are across some countries in Europe, you will be surprised – and shocked! Find out more on our campaign site